Recognized by UAE Karate Federation and Ministry of Youth and Sports

Why should a child learn Karate?

There are many reasons & benefits to enrolling your child for karate. It doesn’t matter which karate school your child joins, make sure the school has proper syllabus & and experienced trainers. Karate brings together energy of the mind, the body and the spirit. Over and over, parents tell us about the surprising improvements they see in their children. Some of them to quote are:

  • Self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • More respectful among others.
  • Self- discipline at home & school.
  • Team work, sportsman spirit and leadership skills through interaction with the new friends during the class.
  • Better focus on doing schoolwork& chores.
  • Better concentration and memory power leading to excellence in academics.
  • Improved physical strength & agility.
  • “Bully proof” attitude.
  • Non-quitting spirit to overcome life’s obstacles, making them goal setters and goal getters.
  • Good bye to Lethargy.

Why should you choose The Oriental Karate Club?

In addition to self-defense skills. We teach many additional skills that makes one capable of life skills.
We have the curriculum that always teaches something new and fun for the students to do and it’s NEVER boring!
All the instructors in club are well experienced and students friendly , so every child loves to come back to the club after each session.
Well maintained training centers & Office administration.
All the instructors receives Instructors training at twice a week.